Director Greeting

Worldwide Platform for Organic Electronics: Creating a Sustainable Society

Research Center for Organic Electronics (ROEL) is a global platform in the field of organic electronics, established by Yamagata University in 2011, and has a five-story building with 5,663 ㎡, focusing on fundamental researches in organic electronics. ROEL is equipped with sufficient utilities and facilities for synthesis, clean room, device fabrication, and analysis, all of which are specialized for organic electronics. In addition, through collaborations with Yamagata University Innovation Center for Organic Electronics (INOEL), Yamagata University Research Center for Green Materials and Advanced Processing (GMAP), and Yamagata University Frontier Center for Organic Materials (FROM), an international research platform in the field of organic electronics and organic materials has been established. Through projects such as MEXT/JSPS "Leading Program for Leading Graduate Schools" since 2012, "Innovative Flex Program for Doctoral Course (iFlex)" since 2019, and MEXT/JSPS "Innovative Soft Matter Program in Doctoral Course" since 2020, ROEL has also been committed to collaborate with such educational programs to produce next-generation global leaders. We have also been encouraging young researchers to become independent and strengthen their international research competitiveness through projects such as METI/NEDO "Young Researcher Support Program" and MEXT/JSPS "Promotion of Joint International Research". ROEL will continue fundamental researches and advanced education in organic electronics and will keep making efforts to return their results to society and stakeholders. We look forward to your continued helps and supports.

Dr. Tomoya HIGASHIHARA, Professor
Research Center for Organic Electronics

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