Director Greeting

The World’s First Center of Excellence in Organic Electronics

Five years have now passed since the founding of the Research Center for Organic Electronics (ROEL) at Yamagata University in 2011. Based on three major research departments, Organic LED, Organic Solar Cell and Organic Transistor, REOL promotes both fundamental and applied research of organic electronics ranging from material, process, device and application technologies.
The Innovation Center for Organic Electronics (INOEL) was opened in 2013 at Office Arcadia, an industrial park in Yonezawa City, with the primary role of bridging research and development efforts between the university and industry for the purpose of near-term commercialization. In addition, two new technology centers will open this year within the Yonezawa Campus, the Research Center for Green Materials and Advanced Processing (GMAP) and the Frontier Center for Organic Materials (FROM). By fostering cooperation between these four world-class research centers a worthy research hub and ‘Center of Excellence’ is being formed.
ROEL will continue to strive in furthering the research in the development of organic electronics in the coming years, providing for practical research and development results that contribute to society. We appreciate the ongoing support of everyone in the future.

Dr. Shizuo TOKITO, Director,
Research Center for Organic Electronics

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