Oct. 22, 2020

【News Release】(Asahi) An article related to professor Junji KIDO and professor Hidemitsu FURUKAWA titled "Yamagata University will have a lecture for local junior high school students on the advanced researches such as gel, OLED next month" was released.

Oct. 05, 2020

【Information】Professor Shizuo TOKITO was appointed to the 25th associate member of Science Council of Japan.

Oct. 05, 2020

【Exhibition】The latest research achievements of Tokito/Kumaki/Sekine Lab will be showed in JFlex2021 during December 9th ~ 11th in Tokyo Big Site.

Oct. 05, 2020

【Lecture】Professor Shizuo TOKITO was invited as a guest speaker in 10th CSJ Chemistry Festa (online) on October 22 (Thursday).

Oct. 05, 2020

【TV Broadcast】(BS Fuji) The research activities of Tokito/Kumaki/Sekine Lab related to the printed device technology will be introduced in the TV show "Galileo X" on October 11th (and 18th (Sunday) 11:30am.Sunday) 11:30.

Sep. 30, 2020

【Paper】A paper related to Yoshihito TAKAHASHI who graduated in 2019 and Assistant Professor Takayuki CHIBA (Kido/Sasabe/Chiba Lab) titled "Surface Crystal Growth of Perovskite Nanocrystals via Postsynthetic Lead(II) Bromide Treatment to Increase the Colloidal Stability and Efficiency of Light-Emitting Devices" was published on ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (IF: 8.330).

Sep. 29, 2020

【Web Release】Innovation Japan 2020 -Japan University Fair (Online)- was released to the public.

Sep. 25, 2020

【Adopted】A research subject related to associate professor Kuniaki NAGAMINE titled "Smart Digital Health Sensing Research Center" was adopted by YU-COE fiscal 2020, a research support program of Yamagata University.

Sep. 25, 2020

【Magazine Release】A result of a joint research activity between ARKEMA (France) and Tokito/Kumaki/Sekine Lab was published on a new magazine of ARKEMA, Innovative With.

Sep. 15, 2020

【Paper】A paper related to Tomohiro NOHARA, a 1st-year doctoral student of Masuhara Lab, titled "Core Size-Dependent Proton Conductivity of Silica Filler-Functionalized Polymer Electrolyte Membrane" was published on ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, and was selected as Back Cover of this journal.


Nov. 12, 2019

{Finished} The 173th Conference on Organic Electronics

Nov. 12, 2019

{Finished} The 172th Conference on Organic Electronics

Oct. 18, 2019

{Finished} The 171th Conference on Organic Electronics

Oct. 09, 2019

{Finished} The 170th Conference on Organic Electronics

Sep. 24, 2019

{Finished} The 169th Conference on Organic Electronics

Sep. 02, 2019

{Finished} The 168th Conference on Organic Electronics

Aug. 06, 2019

{Finished} The 167th Conference on Organic Electronics

May 07, 2019

{Finished} The 166th Conference on Organic Electronics

Apr. 23, 2019

{Finished} The 165th Conference on Organic Electronics

Mar. 01, 2019

{Finished} The 164th Conference on Organic Electronics
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