Basic Technology Development for Printed Electronics Material and Process

Research and Development of Evaluation Technology for High Reliability Standard of Printed Thin Film Transistor

 Advent of highly information-based society calls for popularization of human interface input/output device, such as electronic paper and digital signage, and input/output sheet device utilizing pressure sensors. The objective of the present project is to establish the technology and manufacturing process for printed electronics, of which characteristics include "energy-saving", "resource-saving", high productivity, light weight, flexibleness, etc.; it is expected to contribute to the creation and development of new market in printing process-related illumination electronics industry as well as strengthening of competitiveness therein.

Supporting Body New Energy and Industrial Technology Development
Organization Chart
Implementation Period (plan, in fiscal year) 2010-2015
Participant(s) Japan Advanced Printed Electronics Technology Research Association (JAPERA)
Ricoh Company, Ltd.
Bridgestone Corporation
Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd.
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  • Basic Evaluation Technology Development for Next-Generation Green Innovation
  • Research Infrastructure Formation for Low-Carbon Society Construction
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  • Basic Technology Development for High-efficiency and High-quality next-generation illumination device
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  • Basic Technology Development for Printed Electronics Material and Process
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