Development of Innovative Energy-Conservation Technology

Research and Development toward Verification of Mass Production Process for Organic Electro Luminescence Device

 The objective of this project is to create an innovative technology for a significant energy-saving effect, by which a certain contribution can be made to "Cool Earth Development Plan for Innovative Energy Technology Development," by which global output of greenhouse-effect gases is reduced by 50% from the present level. Endeavors to be undertaken therein will include feasibility experiments on mass productivity of organic electro luminescence (OEL) panel for illumination, such as demonstration data acquisition for the establishment of OEL panel standard definition, investigation on the evaluation methods for illumination panel, and improvement of electro luminescence efficiency, in order to make proposal for the desirable status of mass production equipment, verification thereof, evaluation methods and standards for mass productive operation. In addition, improvement activities on luminescence efficiency will be taken simultaneously to achieve better energy-saving performance, and collectively industrial establishment of OEL illumination technology will be pursued as an energy-saving light source for illumination.

Supporting Body New Energy and Industrial Technology Development
Organization Chart
Implementation Period 2010-2012
Participant(s) NEC Lighting, Ltd.
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