【News Release】(Nikkei) An article related to JETRO's Regional Industries Business Supporting Program (Regional Industry Tie-Up:RIT), in which Prof Tatsuhiro TAKAHASHI is playing a role as the international industrial promotion special counselor, "A small-to-medium-sized enterprise of Yonezawa City received an order and will supply automotive parts to Germany company" was released.

A small-to-medium-sized enterprise of Yonezawa City (Yamagata prefecture), Kurokawa Press, got its first business from Germany and will delivery metal molds and products for automotive parts to FEW (Saxony, Germany), a major supplier of electrical connectors for automotive glass applications. This is first successful negotiation during the visiting of delegation from Germany (Saxony) in Yonezawa from June, 12, which is supported and arranged by JETRO, Yamagata Office.


 Nikkei    June, 15, 2016    Wednesday



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