【News Release】(Nikkei) An article related to Prof Hiroshi ITO "Yamagata University supporting to join a new field like automobile industry basing on its resin molding technology" was released.

Yamagata University released that they will support local industries aiming to enter a new field like automobile industry on June, 8. The university said they will construct a supporting network for the local industries, who are challenging to do the development of nano-cellulose -a next-generation material refined from plant fiber- using injection molding technology, also the university is aiming to create leading companies and support to develop a market basing on its strong point -resin molding technology-.


This program "local core enterprises creating and supporting projects" is adopted by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and is going to construct a network participated by the specialists both inside and outside of Yamagata University and 10 companies related to automobile manufacture. Prof Hiroshi ITO will be the project manager and Associate Prof Yoshimi SATAKE came from the Tohoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry will be the coordinator.



 Nikkei      June, 9, 2016     Thursday



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