【News Release】(Nikkei) An article related to "Yamagata University aiming to form comestic R&D site" was released.

Yamagata University released that they are aiming to form a most advanced cosmetic R&D site on June, 7. The university doing collaborative research with industries using numbers of new developed materials every year is going to make a large-scale health care production development, which can generate 10 billion yen in annual sale. After evaluate the antibacterial/sterilizing power and the goodness of painting feeling, the university will propose a new material to related company and plan to put it to practical use in 5 years.


Currently Yamagata University develops hundreds of new material every year. This project, which will utilize unique materials for quasi-drug or cosmetic and is aiming to form a R&D site for the pratical application of health care material, will be started by a team of 8 people and leaded by Associate Prof Yoshimune NONOMURA, who has been worked in Kao Corporation for 10 years.



Nikkei     June, 22     Wendesday

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