【News Release】(Nikkei) An article related to Prof Hideya YOSHITAKE, Director of Department of Battery Device, "ZOOM: the real 800 million people TPP economic zone -EV battery was born from Salt Lake-" was released.

Some electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles manufactured in and outside of Japan, and the battery systems dismantled from those vehicles are being lined up side by side in one of the institutions of Department of Battery Device, Yamagata University. The university is doing an investigation of the performance of Lithium-ion Battery basing on analysing the battery, control system and motor from each car model. At the same time, the best performace of the bettery can be designed and demontrated. Prof Hideya YOSHITAKE, the leader of this department, who is focusing on research development directly linked to business, said that "Research is aiming to make business. We should do everything speedily to manufacture a good-sale product." He has already started collaborative research with over 30 material manufacturers.




Nikkei     June, 28, 2016     Tuesday



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