【News Release】(Nikkei) An article related to Prof Junji KIDO, Prof Shizuo TOKITO, Prof Hidemitsu FURUKAWA, Prof Hideya YOSHITAKE titled "Venture companies of Yamagata University were established in succession" was released.

Venture companies originated in Yamagata University were established in succession. The field is not only the main attraction "Organic EL", but also extended widedly to other technologies such as lithium-ion battery, 3D gel printer and etc. It appears that this university is making an effort to realize practical applications and industrialization as its goal of the research activities.


4 venture companies have increased this year and their headquarters are mostly in Yonezawa Campus (Faculty of Engineering of Yamagata University).




Nikkei (North-east edition)       December, 1, 2016       Thursday



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