【News Release】(Nikkan Kogyo) An article related to Prof Riichiro TADAKUMA who participated in Yamagata University's new project OPERA titled "Utilize 4 elemental technologies, Create innovative soft robotics using organic materials" was released.

We are making something absolutely new using world-first combinated materials, what is an aticipated works for 5 or 10 years later,  a trustee and vicepresident of Yamagata University Yoshihiro OHBA who unifies this research field said, explaining the direction of this project. The university will intergrate each elemental technology, which has improved the function of organic materials in Organic Electronics field to the utmost limit, aiming to realize a new research field "Soft Matter Robotics" as its goal.


The key technology includes Soft-device, Soft-sensing, Soft-mechanics and Soft-storage battery 4 parts. The utilization of these 4 elemental technologies will finally link to the robot technology, soft matter robotics structured by world-first soft components using organic materials and thus is the 5th research subject.




The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun       December, 2, 2016       Friday



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