【News Release】(Electronic Device Industry News) An article related to Tokito Lab titled "Organic electronics will change the world -a story of Yamagata University's challenge- (Part I)" was released.

An university-originated venture Future Ink Corporation of Yamagata University (Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefeture) started to sale n-type organic semiconductors which are applicable to printable organic integrated circuits. This n-type organic semiconductor is world's 1st practical material developed by Prof Shizuo TOKITO's group (ROEL, Yamagata University) and UBE Industries, Ltd. Though the development of p-type organic semiconductor is preceding, this time the n-type could make a further move toward achieving organic electronics. Can organic semiconductor really change the electronics? We will introduce the current and future status about the development of the organic electronics in 5 parts.




Electronics Device Industry News       August, 17, 2017       Thursday

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