【News Release】(Electronic Device Industry News) An article related to Tokito Lab titled "A feature article about The 23rd Semiconductor of The Year 2017, UBE Industries, Ltd and Yamagata University won the grand prize of electronic material section for semiconductors" was released.

UBE Industries, Ltd (Minato-ku, Tokyo) developed n-type organic semiconductors with the collaboration of Prof Shizuo TOKITO group (Research Center for Organic Electronics, Yamagata University). N-type is the world 1st organic semiconductor that has great practical level, while p-type which has been developed previously has high electron mobility. This development makes a great step forward to realize an organic electronics world with both p-type and n-type. Here is an interview with Mr. Yasuhiro TANAKA (Advanced Technology Institute) about the characteristic and the future perspective of new n-type organic semiconductors.




Electronics Device Industry News       August, 31, 2017       Thursday


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