【News Release】(Yamagata) An article related to Professor Junji KIDO titled "A sweets contest using dried apple made in Yonezawa Tateyama, a place of apple production of Yamagata Prefecture, has been held. Pastry chef Takeo SHIMIZU from Tokyo won 1st place for his work 'The Grace of Fruits'" was released.

A sweets contest using "Dried Tateyama Apple", which has been utilized low-temperature dehumidification drying technology developed by Professor Junji KIDO group of Yamagata University was held on November, 25 in University of Nutrition Sciences (Yonezawa). Mr. Takeo SHIMIZU, a pastry chef of Tokyo Nerima, won 1st place for his work "The Grace of Fruits" basing on an examination judged by totally 13 examiners including Kido professor and the representatives of sweets shops and Japan Agricultural Cooperatives.




Yamagata Shimbun       November, 26, 2017       Sunday



📚 Related Web Site >> http://yamagata-np.jp/news/201711/26/kj_2017112600533.php

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