【News Release】(Nikkei) An article related to Professor Junji KIDO titled "V Technology will advance into Yonezawa and start to manufacture mask for OLED displays" was released.

V Technology, a listed company on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, will advance into Yonezawa, was released by President Shigeto SUGIMOTO with Governor of Yamagata Prefecture Mieko YOSHIMURA in a press conference at Prefectural Government on February, 6. V Technology is going to mass-produce next-generation vapor deposition mask, which is necessary for the manufacture of OLED used in Smart Phone, and own Lumiotec Inc. (Yonezawa City), an OLED lighting manufaturer, as his subsidiary company taken over from Mitsubishi Heavy Indusries on this April. Professor Junji KIDO, the first person of OLED, acted as an intermediary between V Technology and Lumiotec.  





Nikkei       February, 7       Wednesday





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