【News Release】(Nikkei) An article related to Associate Professor Yoshiyuki SUZURI titled "Yamagata University group developed a new technology to prevent deterioration of flexible OLED panels and make them long-life" was released.

Associate Professor Yoshiyuki SUZURI (Yamagata University) released that they succeeded in developing a new technology, which can prevent deterioration of flexible OLED panels and make them long-life using a new coating method cooperated with Konica Minolta on Februrary 9. This is world-first technology to make sealing film, which is used to prevent degradation from moisture being an obstacle of long operating life, without using vacuum film deposition. This technology could be expected to prolong the duration time of OLED element to more than 2 times around 20,000 hours, and could lower the manufacturing cost.




↑Long-life flexible OLED panel using world-1st coating method on sealing technology
(provided by Yamagata University)
Nikkei       February, 10, 2018       Saturday
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