【News Release】(Nikkei) An article related to Professor Shizuo TOKITO titled "Yamagata University is trying to develop a bendable sensor and cut down the cost to one-fouth with the local industries" was released.

Yamagata University starts a research on realizing the cost down and improving the function of the electronic circuits printing technology especially on the soft sheets with local industries. A subsidized project of MEXT applied with Yamagata Prefecture was adopted. The university will get a subsidy around 100 millon yen in the 1st fiscal year, aiming to achieve the goal in a 5-year project implementation period. The sensors are supposed to use for pasting on special beds for the elderly, helmets for the workers, or checking the sudden change on body temperature or blood pressure by remote control.





Nikkei       September, 7, 2018       Friday

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