【News Release】(Nikkei) An article related to Professor Tatsuhiro TAKAHASHI and Academic-Industrial Collaboration Professor Shinri SAKAI titled "Japanese universities, who are required to 'make money', are searching for large academic-industrial collaboration" was released.

It is said that Japanese universities are searching for large academic-industrial collaboration and have to gain external funds by themselves because of the shortage of research expenses with the background of government financial difficulties. In the article, the activities of Academic-Industrial Collaboration Professor Shinri SAKAI, who plays an intergrated role of "Open Innovation Institution" established by Yamagata University in this October, and Professor Tatsuhiro TAKAHASHI, who is leading the academic-industrial collaboration of Yamagata University, were introduced. Also, the activities of Tokyo Univeristy, Kyoto University and Keio University were introduced. It is written that now it is important for the universities to get the ability of "make money" by themselves.




📚 For more please go to see >> Nikkei (Oct, 29, 2018, Monday)

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