【News Release】(Nikkei) An article related to Associate Professor Akito MASUHARA titled "Iodine will be utilized to manufacture the material of next-generation dispaly" was released.

Yamagata University is thinking of a new material manufacture method for next-generation display, and is proceeding a collaborative research development with ISE Chemicals Corporation, a major iodine manufacuter, toward practical use. Iodine, of which output in Japan is 2nd in the world next to Chile, has been utilized as one of the materials for manufacture. It can help to encourage development of next-generation display with higher color reproduction performance.


This manufacture method for perovskite quantum dot, which is getting attention as next-generation light emitting source after OLED, was adopted as a support program by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).





📚 For more please go to see >> Nikkei (Dec, 13, 2018, Thursday)

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