[Press report] The center of new industry in Yamagata University / Nihon keizai newspaper (September14)

Nihon Keizai newspaper on September 14 (p16) It was placed about the present conditions that university-industry research collaboration accelerated in an entry of " The center of new industry in Yamagata University" in the field of organic electroluminescence .Professor Oba who acted as our university engineering director the second until the end of August was going to serve as our center head and center head of the practical use study base (construction decision), and contents that I minded which let you accelerate university-industry research collaboration were introduced.An article about rich possibility of the innovation using the organic material which "" existence machine revolution "Yonezawa was an entry of the guidance", and our center head talked about on seven Yamagata newspapers September 1 was placed.
Manufacturing and Yonezawa in the organic materials use challenging practical use, the prospect about the future in Japan is introduced in detail in its turn.

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