【News Release】(Yomiuri) An article related to Professor Shizuo TOKITO titled "Electronic circuit printing equipment was introduced into R&D center, considered for the utilization of caregiving and shipment service" was released.

Yamagata University (Yonezawa campus) introduced "Flat Plate Reverse Offset Printing Equipment" that is enable to print electronic circuit on plastic film material substrate in a high accuracy. This equipment can print circuits in 1㎛ (one thousandth of 1mm) unit, lighter and thinner than silicone material electronic circuit, leading to the developement of resource saving sensor in low cost.


The printed circuit mounted on the wristband of care service user can be considered to measure pulse and body temperature, which is expected to lighten the burden of nursing care staffs, also this printed circuit is considered to attach on the agricultural products while being transported for the temperature management, Professor Shizuo TOKITO said.






📚 For more please go to see >> Yomiuri Shimbun (June, 6, 2019, Thursday)

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