【News Release】(Nikkei) An article related to xEV Iide Research Center titled "Yamagata Iide town started to construct a factory and attract a professional university aiming to promote industrial clusters of next-generation batteries" was released.

Iide Town (Yamagata Prefecture) is aiming to promote industrial cluster of next-generation batteries used for electric vehicles, and started to construct a factory to manufacture lithium ion battery parts in addition to the existing xEV Iide Research Center. An educational institution of Sendai city who got grant from the town will establish a new professional university related to the electric vehicles. The town has already started the land sales of 2 apartment housing estates for the new residents, and is expecting the regional development through this new industrial cluster.





📚 For more please go to see >> Nikkei (November, 29, 2019, Friday)

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