【News Release】(Mainichi) An article related to associate professor Michio YOKOYAMA and assistant professor Tomochika HARADA titled "An IT enterprise and Yamagata University developed a stress analysis system used artificial intelligence (AI)" was released.

Along with the increase of home working due to the coronavirus infection, an IT enterprise (Yonezawa) developed a system that can analyze the stress of the at-home employees through artificial intelligence (AI) with the cooperation of Yamagata University. The system can automatically analyze and make a graph of the cause of psychosomatic discorder by checking pulse, expression and voice, and makes it possible to manage the healthcare of the employees who are working at home. The trial service will be started online from this month.





📚 For more please go to see >> Mainichi Shimbun (July 17, 2020, Friday)

📚 Mainichi Web News >> https://mainichi.jp/articles/20200717/ddl/k06/040/134000c


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