{Finished}The 87th ROEL Lecture Session

The 87th ROEL Lecture was held at the conference room on the 4th floor of ROEL (Research Center for Organic Electronics).

Mr.  Masatoshi Kitamura, an associate professor at Kobe University Graduate School of Engineering, gave a lecture entitled “Application of Integrated Circuit of Organic Transistor ~the Theme of Evaluation of Dynamic Characteristics and High Speed Operation~

{Finished}The 87th ROEL Lecture Session


August 19th (Tue) PM4:00-


Conference Room on 4th floor in Research Center for Organic Electronics (ROEL)


Mr. Masaki Kitamura, Associate Professor at Kobe University Graduate School of Engineering


"Application of integrated circuits of organic thin-film transistors ~Challenges for evaluation of dynamic characteristics and high-speed operation~"

This lecture will be given in Japanese.

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