【New Project】 Yamagata University started a new project with Iide Machi and Yamagata Bank.

"The Committee for Promoting Town Development Intergrated with Nature, Culture and Advanced Technology" was held at Mezami-no-Sato Souvenir Hall of Iide Machi (a town in the North West of Yonezawa city) on Dec, 25, 2015. This committee is implemented by Iide Machi, Yamagata Bank and Yamagata University under a new project "Grant for Local Revitalization and Local Communities Emergency Support" and it is the first time for 3 parts to meet each other, around 60 persons participated in this meeting.


Greetings from Goto, Iide Town Mayor

Greetings from Prof Takahashi

Greetings from Ishikawa, Executive Managing Director of Yamagata Bank

Speech from Prof Yoshitake

Speech from Associate Prof Horiuchi



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