【News Release】(Nikkei) Development of EV battery beyond the borders of industries - Yamagata University aiming to form "Battery Valley" -

Hideya YOSHITAKE, professor of faculty of Engineering, Yamagata Univerisity, who is the first battery researcher, moved from UBE Industries, Ltd. (Yamaguchi Prefecture) since 2011 and engaged in reverse engineering, which is a key to check performance of Lithium-ion Battery of electric vehicle (EV) and can provide a sloution for the improvement of performance.


Prof YOSHITAKE has already done reverse engineering on domestic and foreign vehicles around 18 sets, including Tesla Motors, Inc. "Roadster", "Model S", GM "Bolt" and BMW "i3", and found the problem of the battery of Tesla, which has been improved in the latest model.


Yamagata University built a pilot plant, named "Yamagata University x EV Iide Research Center" (Iide Machi, Yamagata Prefecture) aiming at development and productization of next-generation lithium-ion battery with high performance and will be opened in May, 2016. All kinds of equipment have been completed in this center. It is possible to do the research from the development of the battery materials to safety test as "one-stop development center" to proceed the collaborative research beyond the borders of different industries such as automobile, battery and material manufactures, and thus is the strong point individual company could not has.




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